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ICT Event 2010
Networking Session: Research and Development on Serious Games
Serious games apply games and simulations technology to non-entertainment domains, such as technology-enhanced learning, history and culture, environmental awareness and physical or mental rehabilitation. They define an interdisciplinary research area where concepts such as natural human-computer interaction, user-centred design and evaluation, social networking, signal processing and computer graphics, are interwoven. This session networks researchers, designers, developers and user groups who share interest in serious games as a medium to reach out to wider audiences. It will be based on participants from the Siren (conflict resolution in schools), PlayMancer (physical rehabilitation), and eCircus (social and emotional learning) FP7 projects.

The workshop took place on Wednesday, September 29 (Room T 013, 9:00-10:30) - you can view the online comments at the session page of the ICT event portal.

List of confirmed presentations:

Serious games in the context of user centric media and e-inclusion [ppt]
Loretta Anania, Scientific Officer, Networked Media unit
Giorgio Zoia, Project & Policy Officer, ICT for Inclusion unit

Emotion and natural interaction in games [pptx]
Kostas Karpouzis, National Technical University of Athens [email]

Modelling and measuring user experience [pdf]
Georgios Yannakakis, IT University of Copenhagen [email]

PlayMancer: A European Serious Gaming 3D Environment [zip] [videos]
Costas Davarakis, Elias Kalapanidas, Systema Technologies, Greece [email]

rePlay: Gaming Technology Platform for Social Reintegration of Marginalised Youth [pptx] [videos]
Francisco Ibanez, Brainstorm, Spain, Jim WhiteLoop, White Loop, UK [email]

Global Conflicts: an award-winning educational game series to teach citizenship, geography, and media courses [pptx] [videos]
Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, Mikkel Lucas Overby, Jeppe Herlev Nielsen, Serious Games Interactive, Denmark [email]

Contact information
Dr. Kostas Karpouzis
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