Image and Video Analysis

Video on Demand

Development Of A Video-On-Demand System Using The MPEG-2 Coding Standard

The objective of the project is the design and prototype implementation of a Video on Demand (VoD) and Near Video on Demand (NVoD) system based on MPEG-2 digital video/audio technology. IVML and INFOLAB are exploiting their long experience in digital video applications and related services to bring to the market the final product - hardware and software - called "InTV". This product serves hotels and hospitals, providing them with the ability to offer VOD services to their clients on a pay-per-view basis. InTV uses state of the art technologies such as high quality MPEG-2 video and is built on mature and evolving platforms including the Oracle Video Server. Movies are stored in MPEG-2 format in the video server's hard disks, and video streams are transmitted to the subscribers' rooms using a local area network. End-users are able to watch movies on a terminal (monitor or TV set) connected to a set-top-box and send messages from the set-top box back to the video server, using an infrared remote control. The system provides both VoD and NVoD channels, including broadcast TV channels, and supports interactive movie selection as well as standard VCR controls (play/stop, pause, fast forward/rewind etc.) for the VoD service. The integrated InTV system offers a variety of features that make it attractive for mid and large sized hotel type enterprises, including scaleable architecture, easy installation and maintenance, interactive client service, pre-scheduled movies and flexible charging schemes. Optionally, it integrates other advanced features and on-line services, such as connection to Internet, web browsing, e-mail, etc.

Framework: SYN-96 (National)
Contract Number:
Consortium: VML, INFOLAB Ltd
Budget/Duration: € 30K/24months (1997-1999)