Image and Video Analysis


Image-based Navigation in Multimedia Archives

The main objective of IMAGINATION is to bring digital cultural and scientific resources closer to their users, by making user interaction image-based and context-aware. Our ultimate aim is to enable users to navigate through digital cultural and scientific resources through its images. IMAGINATION will provide a novel image-based access method to digital cultural and scientific resources. It will reduce complexity by the provision of intuitive navigation method. IMAGINATION will facilitate an interactive and creative experience providing an intuitive navigation through images and parts of images. To do so IMAGINATION will combine, apply and improve existing techniques to provide a new way of navigation through cultural heritage multimedia archives. It will exploit the context of resources stored in its knowledge space by combining text-mining, image segmentation and image recognition algorithms. This combination will cause a synergy effect and will result in semiautomatically generated, high-level semantic metadata. IMAGINATIONs focus is on indexing, retrieving and exploring non-textual complex objects and will apply knowledge technologies and visualisation techniques for improved navigation and access to multimedia collections. Comprehensive tool support (including an ontology editor and a semi-automated image annotation tool) will be provided, together with an easy-to-use web-based interface which visualises the contextualised content stored in the IMAGINATION knowledge space. A major outcome of the project will be the new and intuitive approach of navigation trough images and a set of technologies and tools to support the annotation of images by manual, semi-automatic and automatic techniques.

Framework: FP6 (EU)
Contract Number: FP6-034626
Consortium: FZI, IIS, RIDemo, JSI, Photo12, NTUA, DISY, BSMC
Budget/Duration: € 50M/36months (2006-2009)