Image and Video Analysis


Judicial Management by Digital Libraries Semantics

Public administrations represent the largest information bound professional communities: among them the judicial sector is one of the largest, where the needs of cooperation are critical, creating an exceedingly large improvement potential through adoption of novel content management techniques and development of new solutions for its specific needs of retrieval and semantic analysis. This potential is even larger considering the growing transnational cooperation also among several national law systems, highlighting the need to adapt the technological profiles of new member states. In this context JUMAS envisages an advanced knowledge management system able to extract semantics from multimedia data. JUMAS is tailored at managing situations where multiple cameras and audio sources are used to record assemblies and reconstructing debate sequences for future consultation.

Framework: FP7 (EU)
Contract Number: FP7-214306
Consortium: Project Automation, Consorzio Milano Ricerche, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italian Ministry of Justice, Aachen University, European Media Laboratory, Institute of Telematics and Informatics, Computer and Automation Research Institute, Polish Ministry of Justice, EsaProjekt, National Centre for IT in Public Administration, EML Research GmbH
Budget/Duration: 3.8M/30months (2008-2010)