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Mediterranean Multimedia: Multimedia Support Centre For Culture And Arts

The M.CUBE is an Esprit project co-financed by European Commission. It promotes the production of European multimedia and supports producers, companies, publishers and other cultural and technological bodies interested in applying multimedia technology to the cultural field. The aim of the project is to create a multimedia support network, based on four Mediterranean regions, dedicated to fostering the development of European multimedia applications in the area of culture and arts. The main objectives of M.CUBE are to (i) improve the competitiveness of the European multimedia industry, enhancing the quality of its products, improving the business capabilities of the enterprises, and attracting funds for new developments, (ii) create a critical mass to penetrate the consumer market at international level, putting together many small developers to address the market through big distributors, and (iii) exploit the enormous European potential in terms of cultural contents. Supplying multimedia support services to cultural users is a strategic task for M.CUBE. Museums, galleries, collections, public administrations, etc. are pilot users and clients of advanced technological solutions, based on the application of multimedia to culture and arts. The M.CUBE contribution is to: First, contribute to the development of a whole editorial line, defining technical and artistic contents, market targets and channels, certification process, methodological recommendations, policy and programmes. Second, create a network of manufacturers, through setting up local associations and the development of international exchanges. Third, develop business opportunities with the final aim of stimulating new markets. Fourth, provide a large set of services through intermediation and direct delivery, technological and manufacturing services, training, access to multimedia repositories, certification, consulting activities, information desk, etc.

Framework: (National)
Contract Number: ESPRIT 22266
Consortium: CESVIT S.p.A, ICTA, GEM LR, Lambrakis Research Foundation, Agence 3001 s.a.r.l, Archimedes Ltd, ASEDEM, University of Florence, IVML Systema Informatics Ltd, TESEO Sprl
Budget/Duration: € 1.1M/30months (1996-1999)