Image and Video Analysis

Color-Based Retrieval of Facial Images

European Signal Processing Conference, Tampere, Finland, September 2000.

Content-based retrieval from image databases attracts increasing interest the last few years. On the other hand several recent works on face detection based on the chrominance components of the color space have been presented in the literature showing promising results. In this work we combine color segmentation techniques and color based face detection in an efficient way for the purpose of facial image retrieving. In particular, images stored in a multimedia database are analyzed using the M-RSST segmentation algorithm and segment features including average color components, size, location, shape and texture are extracted for several image resolutions. An adaptive two-dimensional Gaussian density function is then employed for modeling skin-tone chrominance color component distribution and detecting image segments that probably correspond to human faces. This information is combined with object shape characteristics so that robust face detection is achieved. Based on the above, a query by example framework is proposed, supporting a highly interactive, configurable and flexible content-based retrieval system for human faces. Experimental results have shown that the proposed implementation combines efficiency, robustness and speed, and could be extended to generic visual information retrieval or video databases.

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