Image and Video Analysis

Improving Image Analysis using a Contextual Approach

7th International Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services, Seoul, Korea, April 2006.

Generic algorithms for automatic object recognition and/or scene classification are unfortunately not producing reliable and robust results. A common approach to cope with this, still unresolved, issue is to restrict the problem at hand to a specific domain. In this paper we propose an algorithm to improve the results of image analysis, based on the contextual information we have, which relates the detected concepts to any given domain. Initial results produced by the image analysis module are domain-specific semantic concepts and are being re-adjusted appropriately by the suggested algorithm, by means of fine-tuning the degrees of confidence of each detected concept. The novelty of the presented work is twofold: i) the knowledge-assisted image analysis algorithm, that utilizes an ontology infrastructure to handle the knowledge and MPEG-7 visual descriptors for the region labeling and ii) the context-driven re-adjustment of the degrees of confidence of the detected labels.

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