Image and Video Analysis

Integrating Image Segmentation and Classification for Fuzzy Knowledge-based Multimedia Indexing

15th International MultiMedia Modeling Conference, Springer, Sophia Antipolis, France, pp.263-274, January 2009.

In this paper we propose a methodology for semantic indexing of images, based on techniques of image segmentation, classification and fuzzy reasoning. The proposed knowledge-assisted analysis architecture integrates algorithms applied on three overlapping levels of semantic information: i) no semantics, i.e. segmentation based on low-level features such as color and shape, ii) mid-level semantics, such as concurrent image segmentation and object detection, region-based classification and, iii) rich semantics, i.e. fuzzy reasoning for extraction of implicit knowledge. In that way, we extract semantic description of raw multimedia content and use it for indexing and retrieval purposes, backed up by a fuzzy knowledge repository. We conducted several experiments to evaluate each technique, as well as the whole methodology in overall and, results show the potential of our approach.

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