Image and Video Analysis

Intelligent content adaptation in the framework of an integrated e-learning system

16th ACM Conf. on Hypertext & Hypermedia - Workshop on Combining Intelligent & Adaptive Hypermedia Methods/Techniques in Web-Based Education Systems, Salzburg, Austria, September 2005.

It is a common fact that modern e-learning schemes lack educational content representation and user personalization. In this framework, automated extraction of user profiles, to be used in an e-learning content offering system, forms an interesting and important problem. In this paper we present the design and implementation of such a profile-based system, by which content is matched to its environmental context, so that it can be adapted to its user¬Ęs needs and capabilities. The paper extends previous work on profile extraction and clustering techniques and on integrated e-learning systems. Our approach relies on the fundamental IEEE e-learning model, suitably adapted to reflect the profiling aspects of the system.

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