Image and Video Analysis

An Intelligent System for Retrieval and Mining of Audiovisual Material Based on the MPEG-7 Description Schemes

European Symposium on Intelligent Technologies, Hybrid Systems and their implementation on Smart Adaptive Systems, Tenerife, Spain, December 2001.

A system for digitization, storage and retrieval of audiovisual information and its associated data (metainfo) is presented. The principles of the evolving MPEG-7 standard have been adopted for the creation of the data model used by the system, permitting efficient separation of database design, content description, business logic and presentation of query results. XML Schema is used in defining the data model, and XML in describing audiovisual content. Issues regarding problems that emerged during system design and their solutions are discussed, such as customization, deviations from the standard MPEG-7 DSs or even the design of entirely custom DSs. Although the system includes modules for digitization, annotation, archiving and intelligent data mining, the paper mainly focuses on the use of MPEG-7 as the information model.

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