Image and Video Analysis

Offering Access to Personalized Interactive Video

WSEAS Transactions on Systems, WSEAS, Volume 3, pp.3120 - 3124, December 2004.

Semantic treatment of multimedia content, as well as of user preferences and interests, forms one of the most important topics in modern audiovisual content providing systems and opens a great variety of discussions among the research community. In this framework, extracting and combining profiling information about users and content is a challenging problem. This paper is part of our ongoing work in the field of content analysis and user profile extraction towards an interactive video environment; it extends on previous works on low level multimedia content, in the direction of automated extraction of semantic user preferences. Such preferences are utilized towards personalization of the multimedia content offered to the end-users. The latter issue is tackled within the scope of this paper, utilizing a novel mechanism of defining weights that are crucial in the process of automatically extracting profiling information.

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