Image and Video Analysis

Semantic Annotation of Images and Videos for Multimedia

2nd European Semantic Web Conference, Heraklion, Greece, May 2005.

Annotations of multimedia documents typically have been pursued in two different directions. Either previous approaches have focused on low level descriptors, such as dominant color, or they have focused on the content dimension and corresponding annotations, such as person or vehicle. In this paper, we present a software environment to bridge between the two directions. M-OntoMat-Annotizer allows for linking low level MPEG-7 visual descriptions to conventional Semantic Web ontologies and annotations. We use M-OntoMat- Annotizer in order to construct ontologies that include prototypical instances of high-level domain concepts together with a formal specification of corresponding visual descriptors. Thus, we formalize the interrelationship of high- and low-level multimedia concept descriptions allowing for new kinds of multimedia content analysis and reasoning.

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