Image and Video Analysis

SymCity: Feature Selection by Symmetry for Large Scale Image Retrieval

ACM Multimedia (Full paper), ACM, Nara, Japan, October 2012.

Many problems, including feature selection, vocabulary learning, location and landmark recognition, structure from motion and 3d reconstruction, rely on a learning process that involves wide-baseline matching on multiple views of the same object or scene. In practical large scale image retrieval applications however, most images depict unique views where this idea does not apply. We exploit self-similaries, symmetries and repeating patterns to select features within a single image. We achieve the same performance compared to the full feature set with only a small fraction of its index size on a dataset of unique views of buildings or urban scenes, in the presence of one million distractors of similar nature. Our best solution is linear in the number of correspondences, with practical running times of just a few milliseconds.

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