Image and Video Analysis

Using Visual Context and Region Semantics for High-Level Concept Detection

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Volume 11, Issue 11, pp.229-243, February 2009.

In this paper we investigate detection of high-level concepts in multimedia content through an integrated approach of visual thesaurus analysis and visual context. In the former, detection is based on model vectors that represent image composition in terms of region types, obtained through clustering over a large data set. The latter deals with two aspects, namely high-level concepts and region types of the thesaurus, employing a model of a priori specified semantic relations among concepts and automatically extracted topological relations among region types; thus it combines both conceptual and topological context. A set of algorithms is presented, which modify either the confidence values of detected concepts, or the model vectors based on which detection is performed. Visual context exploitation is evaluated on TRECVID and Corel data sets and compared to a number of related visual thesaurus approaches.

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