Image and Video Analysis

A Visual Descriptor Ontology for Multimedia Reasoning

Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services, Montreux, Switzerland, April 2005.

In this paper we present the construction of an ontology that represents the structure of the MPEG-7 visual part. The goal of this ontology is to enable machines to generate and understand visual descriptions which can be used for multimedia reasoning. Within the specification, MPEG-7 definitions (description schemes and descriptors) are expressed in XML Schema. Although XML Schema provides the syntactic, structural, cardinality and datatyping constraints required by MPEG-7, it does not provide the semantic interoperability required to make MPEG-7 visual descriptors accessible by other domains. The knowledge representation provided by the ontology can be used to develop tools which perform knowledge-based reasoning. For the construction of the ontology we use the RDFS ontology language. We present the problems that occurred, mainly, due to the RDFS modelling limitations. Finally, we propose a way to apply reasoning using the VD ontology.

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