ivl library

(_,i,v,l) = max++[f(lib[1,_,n])];

Latest news

  • 11-10-2015: ivl version 0.93 is now hosted on github.
  • 28-12-2013: ivl version 0.92a source code has been released.
  • 20-6-2013: ivl version 0.91a source code has been released.
  • 31-5-2012: ivl is in a state of frequent updates. The documentation may also change.
  • 31-5-2012: ivl version 0.9a (pre-release) has been released online.
ivl by example: Take a tour of ivl with a complete example of a concrete application. Building an image classifier in just 120 lines of code, this article explains ivl syntax and features step by step. The source code is available at examples.
ivl pre-released: ivl is an open source C++ template library that extends language syntax towards mathematical notation [more]. It supports most C++98 compilers and has been tested on Linux and Microsoft Windows. It is dual-licensed under LGPL 3.0 and GPL 2.0.