ivl examples


the dots

A first example on a real, non-trivial problem that is solved in 28 lines of code and illustrates several ivl features. This is an ideal example to quickly get an idea of what programming in ivl looks like, especially for those familiar with Matlab.

is it a bird?

is it a plane?

Take a tour of ivl with a concrete application that learns to classify image regions into one of 23 object classes like bicycle, flower, car, or aeroplane. In just 120 lines of code, article ivl by example explains ivl syntax and features step by step, along with the classification method itself. The source code is here, try it out yourself!



If you like what you have seen in our first examples and feel ready to start learning, here is the place. This mini tutorial provides a systematic introduction to ivl programming through a sequence of tiny examples that cover most basic ivl functionalities.



This section is still incomplete and under construction. More examples will appear here frequently. Please visit the ivl project home again for updates.